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Project description

DZIGNING THE TIMELINE: Inclusive design for the elderly

This first project is a cooperative one between young people Israeli of COMAS Design School in Rishon LeTzion and Luxembourgish designers who are working together to conceive solutions aiming at improving the living space of elderly people.

Nine designers undertook different case-studies in Luxembourg and Israel in order to gain a more complete idea of the environments of elderly homes / centers in both cultural contexts. The designers have been working for an entire semester on projects that rethink the experiences which are currently offered in architectural forms.

Following an inclusive design approach, five original projects have been developed and are going to be exhibited from 27 April to 22 May 2016 in the framework of Luxembourg Design Biennale. LUCA – the Luxembourg Center for Architecture – has kindly offered to host the exhibition, giving us visibility in one of the hotspots of the Design City Biennale.

The project benefits from a partnership with the group “Servior” (Luxembourg), which allowed the students to explore the challenges and needs in a real context with both the personnel and residents of an integrated elderly care facility.

“DZIGNING THE TIMELINE: Inclusive design for the elderly” aims at:

• Proposing more inclusive spaces in elderly homes through ideas and concepts that can positively influence the living experience of an ageing population;
• Stimulating new multi-sensory experiences that can foster positive memories;
• Decreasing the “isolation” seniors may feel due to their health conditions by facilitating intergenerational exchanges;
• Helping them rediscover their “autonomy” by encouraging the use of innovative and appropriate technology.

Though the design project focuses primarily on elderly housing, the solutions are potentially applicable to the daily life of elderly or other special needs persons; hospitals; specialized centers; protected workshops for autistic persons, rehabilitation centers, refugees’ centers, etc. and age-appropriate technology.


Key individuals




Prof. Carmella Jacoby Volk is the Dean of COMAS Design School (College of Management academic studies), Israel. Environmental designer and cultural researcher. M.A. in Architecture and Urban Studies, Metropolis Master’s program, Barcelona.

Initiates, creates and establishes curriculums, among which are – “Spatial Visual Communication Design Program”, Master’s Program – “Interdisciplinary Program in Design Entrepreneurship and Management”.

Initiated, established and leads the “Designers’ Clinic”, the first of its kind in Israel and “Fablab Israel”– Community based digital fabrication laboratory, part of a global network founded by the center of Bits and Atoms at MIT, Boston, and “Usit_Lab” – Urban Strategy, Innovation, Technology.

Founder and chief editor of “Block magazine” – City / Media / Theory /Architecture”. Curates, initiates, and participates in international exhibitions and conferences. Jacoby-Volk has been awarded research grant and prizes from different foundation and organizations. Her main research areas Social Housing and the political spatial systems, Participatory design and PBL methodologies, fabrication technologies.



Architect Tali Cohen Anderson, is currently associate professor at COMAS (The School of Design, at the College of Management Academic Studies) focusing on Inclusive Design and Human Center Design. M. Arch in Architecture, Department of Architecture Kansas State University, Manhattan Kansas, USA.

She is also a Municipal Accessibility Consultant, in the Accessibility Department for the city of Jerusalem. Her architecture design projects for the built environments at “Design For All” focuses on designing for people with disabilities adapting to their needs and requirements, integrating planning solutions according to the “Inclusive Design” principles, providing special ergonomic solutions, addressing and incorporating supporting technology. She has a passion for developing accessibility for all individuals, According to her understanding that when “Designing for the extreme you innovate for the mainstream”.

Her main academic research areas:

Inclusive and Accessible Plays capes – For All of Us.

Designing a sensorial external areas for children with special needs (medium to high level of cerebral palsy).

Design for the 3th age.




“The role of the designer has increasingly become that of facilitating qualified choices by individuals, enterprises or society between real and more sustainable alternatives than current ones – rather that creating more of what’s already there” (Danish Designers Manifesto).

My name is Patrizia, and I firmly believe that this applies not only to product design but to all areas of life. If you want an undertaking to succeed you need to make a (sustainable) difference.

For the past eight years I have had the privilege to work with many including a myriad of Luxembourg Government officials, high profile individuals of the international research community, as well as with a number of industrial and financial stakeholders. My role was to develop and implement Luxembourg’s strategy in the field of biomedical life sciences, and foster the emergence of a biotech sector in Luxembourg: an amazing journey indeed.

While maintaining relevant links with the biopharma industry henceforth my primary focus is on strengthening economic and business ties between Luxembourg and Israel in the broader high-tech space alongside a number of independent directorships.

Last but not least, I am very excited by “Dzigning the timeline – Inclusive design for the 3rd Age”, because this project allows me to combine my passion for art and design, with my love for discovering new horizons, connecting people and fostering cross-cultural understanding.




Design consultant in the area of strategic design and design professor.

“Don’t ask me to build a bridge, show me the canyon”

Interior designer with a B.S.B.A in Marketing and a M.A in Communication from New York University, her global approach challenges students to use creativity as a powerful mean to redefine user’s needs and create values for all stakeholders.

She has been directing many workshops, both in the fields of inclusive design and in retail design.

Among others, the Heritage for All Workshop for the Castle of the Dukes of Nantes, the Window Imagination Project for Hermès, The Sanoflore Space Identity Workshop for L’Oréal, the Story Tellers Workshop for Chanel international visual merchandisers.

She currently lectures in Strate, Ecole de Design in Paris, at L’Ecole du Design de Nantes and at UIBE, the International University of Beijing.

As a consultant and a designer, Anne assists brands and organizations in optimizing the experience of their users and implementing design solutions to make the strategic vision come alive through the creative process.

Anne previously worked as an Art Director in major design agencies in Paris (Havas Worldwide, Dragon Rouge) and co-funded a multidisciplinary design and architecture studio in Barcelona.

DZIGNING THE TIMELINE is fundamentally a trans-cultural issue and a multi-generational project. It is above all a philosophical journey through Life, a project that asks to redefine the way we envision our lives and that of the ones we care about, from one end to another.  It tackles the way we interact with our elderly and calls for the empathic power of design.





Graphic & Type designer
Founder of Helloworld (graphic design studio in Luxembourg)

After studying graphic design and color, I realized that I needed to go study typography in depth to be able to create good graphic design. In Paris (École Estienne), my teachers not only taught me the rules of typography, they made me understand that it is a medium one can manipulate, explore, and shape to insure consistency between the messages we communicate, the context we are in and the public we target. Since then, I kept intervening on typography with the same intention an architect interacts with his building material.

In my practice, typography becomes a logo, an icon, an abstract alphabet, the structure of a complex layout, some ornamental sequences, the pattern printed on fabrics, etc.

I worked a few years as an art director of graphic design agencies in Paris, Washington D.C., and Luxembourg. One day, I decided that it was time for me to settle down and to create my own studio. Now I can make space in my schedule to make my dreams come true and have more time for formal and theoretical research complementing the services to my clients.

To me, “Dzigning the timeline – Inclusive design for the 3rd Age” is a very challenging project that will benefit from the diversity of experiences, fields, ages and cultures of all the actors involved. I am glad I will have time to share my passion with the students, hoping that my vision of design will help them widen their own design explorations…





Co-founders of Socialmatter, social design studio in Luxembourg.

Socialmatter. Socialmatter is a design studio working on social and environmental evolving realities.

The studio consists of designers Lynn Schammel (Luxembourg) and Giacomo Piovan (Italy) who met during their studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven (NL). Working as a team, they offer products, strategies and events for co-design new products and services together with socially engaged organisations. During the Master in Social Design the duo started to collaborate together on complex issues affecting particular communities and neglected social groups.

Bio. Lynn Schammel studied product design (bachelor level) at Créapôle Paris (FR) and Social Design (Master in Design) at the Design Academy Eindhoven (NL). Her practice is related with inclusive communication methodologies in response to social integration. Currently she works for Fondation Autisme Luxembourg as a communication manager. She also collaborate often with Jailbird, a carpentry located in the prison near Givenich (LU).

Giacomo Piovan was trained as a product designer at the Politecnico di Milano (IT) and as social designer at the Design Academy Eindhoven (NL). Fascinated by technology and sustainability the essence of his practice lies in collaborating with local partners through a participative approach. In 2013, together with other Design Academy alumni Lynn Schammel, he co-founded Socialmatter, a design studio that co-design new products and services for socially engaged organisations.

‘Dzigning the timeline – Inclusive design for the 3rd Age’ . We are very glad to have been involved in this project because we have the opportunity to test the potential of the design process in the healthcare sector. We believe that this cross-collaborative project will stimulate all the participants’s perception and generate interesting solutions for all.


Our donors & supporters


To Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte; the Luxembourg Ministry of Family and Integration; the Luxembourg Center for Architecture; and JDC Israel – Eshel, for their kind support

To Matanel Foundation for their encouragement

To the Israel Embassy in Belgium and Luxembourg for their patronage.

As well as, to all our other corporate, institutional and individual donors and supporters for their precious help.